Smart Ways to Ensure Your Timber Trusses Last Longer


Imagine you are relaxing with your family and suddenly part of your roof caves in. Such an incident can be traumatizing and lead to significant damage to your home. Such accidents can arise because of weaknesses in the timber trusses which support the roof of your building. As such, any slight defect on the timber trusses poses a danger to your family. There are several smart ways that you can use to make sure that your timber trusses last longer.

20 October 2017

2 Reasons to Use Prefabricated Trusses for Your Roof (And 1 Not To!)


Roof trusses are triangulated, prefabricated wood or metal structures which are built at a factory according to manufacturer's specifications and then shipped to your construction site and placed using a crane once the wall structure is complete. Prefabricated trusses from a roof truss supplier have become increasingly popular as a construction option compared with conventional stick-framing, where dimensional lumber is used and each board is individually measured, cut and fixed together.

23 August 2017

What You Need to Know About Getting a New Roof for Your Home


If you're considering getting a new roof or have been told that your home needs a new roof, note a few reasons you don't want to put off this work, and a few tips on choosing the best roofing materials. You can then discuss your options with a roofing contractor as needed, so your home is always protected by a strong and secure roof. Damage like mould is not just unsightly

20 June 2017

Two reasons to have your roof restored


Roof restorations take quite a bit of time to carry out; the process of inspecting, cleaning, repointing and adding a protective coating to a roof can take several days, and, when carried out by a reputable, experienced roofer, usually costs at least a few hundred dollars. This is why many homeowners put off having their roofs restored. However, this service can provide a wide range of financial and practical benefits, and as such, should be viewed as an investment.

19 May 2017

The Maintenance Woes of Concrete Roofs Should See You Turn Towards Metal


When people need a strong and durable roofing material, they often find themselves having to choose between concrete tiles and metal sheets. Both can last for decades into the future, but concrete offers maintenance problems that metal roofs avoid, and those issues can add up to a roof that needs to be repaired despite the toughness of concrete. Concrete tiles create more lines of failure Perhaps the biggest problem with concrete roofs is that they are made using numerous separate tiles.

5 May 2017

Just How Necessary Are Your Home's Gutters?


You may not give much thought to your home's gutters and downspouts on a regular basis; you may not even notice them until they start to fall away from the home or begin to leak. However, keeping those gutters and downspouts in good repair is very important for your home's overall condition, and it is also important for protecting your property and the property of your neighbours. Note how gutters and downspouts protect your home and lawn and surrounding properties.

21 April 2017

Is a Timber Framed Home the Right Choice for You?


A timber framed home is made with large beams set in a triangle shape, and which hold up the weight of the home and the roof. This is opposed to roof joists that run horizontally across the span of the home. Roof joists are typically covered in drywall and other such building materials, whereas timber frames have a very attractive look that can be left exposed. If you're thinking about a timber frame for your newly constructed home, note some questions and concerns you may have about this structural option, and this can help you decide if it's the right choice for you.

5 April 2017